WHAC Constitution (updated 6/17/13)
WHAC Bylaws (updated 6/29/16)

Intra-Conference Transfer Rule
(effective Jan. 1, 2014)

A student-athlete who has been charged a season of competition under NAIA rules at a WHAC institution and/or has received any athletic financial aid from that school is subject to the WHAC Transfer Rule.

The student-athlete, who was charged a season of competition, will not be eligible for certification in that sport at another WHAC institution for a period of 365 days from the last regularly scheduled varsity contest (per the institution's schedule) at the previous WHAC institution.

The student-athlete, who has received athletic financial aid but was not charged a season of competition, will not be eligible for certification in that sport for a period of 365 days from the official end date of the last term of attendance in which athletic financial aid was awarded by the previous WHAC institution.

The WHAC Transfer Rule will not apply to any WHAC student-athlete whose former institution has publicly announced that it will discontinue the sport in which the student-athlete participated. In that case, the student-athlete will be immediately eligible for certification under the rules of the Conference and the NAIA.


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(updated 6/29/16)
The WHAC Handbook also includes the SID Handbook, Sports Medicine Handbook, and each of the sport handbooks found below.

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Fall Sports (2016-17 season) 

Cross Country (posted 6/27/16)
Men's Golf  (posted 6/27/16) 
Women's Golf (posted 6/27/16)
Men's Soccer (posted 6/29/16; updated 10/14/16)
Women's Soccer (posted 6/27/16; updated 10/14/16)
Volleyball (posted 7/19/16)

Winter Sports (2016-17 season)

Men's Basketball  (posted 6/29/16; updated 10/13/16)
Women's Basketball (posted 6/29/16; updated 10/10/16)
Bowling (posted 7/7/16)
Indoor Track & Field (posted 6/27/16)
Competitive Cheer (posted 6/27/16)

Spring Sports (2016-17 season)
Baseball (posted 7/11/16)
Men's Lacrosse (posted 7/8/16)
Women's Lacrosse  (posted 7/7/16)
Softball (posted 7/7/16)
Tennis  (posted 8/31/16)
Outdoor Track & Field (posted 6/27/16)
No Events Today
Men's Basketball
Women's Basketball
Sunday, Dec 4
Women's Basketball
Saturday, Dec 3
Women's Soccer
Men's Basketball
Women's Basketball
Men's Indoor T & F
Women's Indoor T & F
Men's Basketball
Men's Bowling
Women's Bowling
Friday, Dec 9
Men's Indoor T & F
Women's Indoor T & F
Saturday, Dec 10
Women's Basketball
Men's Basketball
Monday, Dec 12
Men's Basketball
Wednesday, Dec 14
Women's Basketball
Men's Basketball
Thursday, Dec 15
Men's Basketball
Saturday, Dec 17
Women's Basketball
Men's Basketball