2017-18 All-Sports Trophy Standings
 AquinasConcordiaCornerstoneIndiana TechLawrence TechLourdesMadonnaMarygroveRochesterSiena HeightsSpring ArborUM-DearbornUNOH
Men's Soccer0000000000000
Women's Soccer0000000000000
Men's Cross Country0000000000000
Women's Cross Country0000000000000
Men's Basketball0000000000000
Women's Basketball0000000000000
Men's Ice Hockey0000000000000
Men's Indoor Track & Field0000000000000
Women's Indoor Track & Field0000000000000
Men's Golf0000000000000
Women's Golf0000000000000
Men's Outdoor Track & Field0000000000000
Women's Outdoor Track & Field0000000000000
Men's Lacrosse0000000000000
Women's Lacrosse0000000000000
Men's Bowling0000000000000
Women's Bowling0000000000000
Competitive Cheer0000000000000

Current Leaders

2016-17 All-Sports Trophy Final Standings
1. Indiana Tech, 110
2. Davenport, 101
3. UNOH, 95
4. Siena Heights, 94.5
5. Aquinas, 92.5
6. Madonna, 89
7. Lawrence Tech, 87
8. Cornerstone, 83.5
9. Concordia, 65
10. Lourdes, 52.5
11. UM-Dearborn, 32.5
12. Marygrove, 22


Current Leaders

The WHAC All-Sports trophy is computed using the highest finish in 12 conference sports (six women and six men) for each school. Each sport champion is awarded points based on the number of schools participating in each sport. For a sport with eight schools participating, eight points are awarded for first place with second receiving seven and so on down the line. A tie results in adding the total points for the tied spots together and dividing by the number of teams that are tied, with the teams "sharing the points." For instance a tie for second and third place would require dividing six points (2nd place finish) plus five points (3rd place finish) by two (number of tied teams). This would result in 5.5 points per team.

Previous All-Sports Winners
1993-94: Tri-State
1994-95: Siena Heights
1995-96: Siena Heights
1996-97: Siena Heights
1997-98: Aquinas
1998-99: Aquinas
1999-00: Aquinas
2000-01: Aquinas
2001-02: Aquinas
2002-03: Aquinas
2003-04: Aquinas
2004-05: Madonna
2005-06: Aquinas
2006-07: Cornerstone
2007-08: Aquinas
2008-09: Aquinas
2009-10: Aquinas
2010-11: Davenport
2011-12: Davenport
2012-13: Davenport
2013-14: Davenport
2014-15: Davenport
2015-16: Davenport
2016-17: Indiana Tech
2016-17 All-Sports Trophy Standings
 AquinasConcordiaCornerstoneDavenportIndiana TechLawrence TechLourdesMadonnaMarygroveRochesterSiena HeightsSpring ArborUM-DearbornUNOH
Men's Soccer53.5101196.5286.50103.512
Women's Soccer85.5310.545.5271090010.5
Men's Cross Country718510426009030
Men's Basketball821211101345.505.5088
Women's Basketball66612119381010024
Men's Indoor Track & Field73659024108000
Women's Indoor Track & Field74659023108000
Men's Golf213587690040010
Men's Outdoor Track & Field7365901.541.508000
Women's Outdoor Track & Field8456701.531.509000
Men's Lacrosse4.52007.57.561004.5030
Women's Lacrosse4207.567.531005000
Men's Bowling873591000006204
Women's Bowling8.58.53271000006405
Competitive Cheer24051060003000